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You Deserve to Be Heard – Let’s Get Your Business Out There

You have something great to offer, you know already know that but who else does? It’s time to put your business out there, find YOUR people, and make an impact!

Hey there 👋🏼 I’m Emjae!

A lover of coffee and words who geeks out on all things digital marketing! Once upon a time I worked with marketing agencies, crunching out crazy social media content ideas, producing Facebook series and podcasts, dreaming up the next trending moment… and while doing that, I learnt A LOT.

Now my focus is on using all that I’ve learnt, and everything I know about marketing and communication to help entrepreneurs like you gain clarity on how to market your business. Hiring a marketing agency or spending thousands on campaigns might not be possible now, but your business deserves to be seen. And together, we can make that happen!

Just so you know what I’m about and what I have to offer – here’s why you should stick around!

Tips and tools to improve your marketing strategy

Marketing insight and trends made simply (forget the jargon!)

Actionable steps that will produce real results

Getting marketing info right in your inbox!

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Your business deserves to be seen – let’s put it out there!

At this very moment, there is someone looking for exactly what you have to offer… but they can’t find you. Are you ready to be seen? Ready to learn how you can market your message and reach YOUR people?

As an entrepreneur, you probably handle all aspects of your business yourself. You’re the 💰 accountant, 🧰 operations manager, 📊 marketing manager, 👷‍♀️ service provider, and the 📱 customer care agent…

That’s a lot of hats for one head!

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Maybe you’re doing it all because it’s not in your budget to hire someone else to take on some of those tasks or you’re simply not ready to have a team, I get it. 

Here’s the catch – you need to scale your business so you can have a team to delegate some of those tasks to and you need a team in order to scale your business… 

But Emjae, you just said you understand that I’m not ready to do that!

Yep, I did and I meant it. So here’s the dealio – I’ll help you improve on a key area of your business that can help you get to that point. To the point where you –

✅ Feel comfortable handing over the reigns for the less urgent tasks so you can focus on what YOU’RE best at

✅ Are prepared to brief a virtual assistant or freelancer on what your business is so they can hold it down behind the scenes while you bring in the clients

✅ Have the budget to afford that extra help while still paying your bills and yourself


I’m going to show you how to improve your content and get your marketing strategy right.

Something as simple as changing a single word in a post can mean the difference between a click and a scroll. 

The words used in a product description could be the reason some hits ‘add to cart’ instead of closing the window. 

The way you word your responses to potential clients can make them want to actually book your services and refer their friends. 

Words have power and together we’ll find the right ones to help you hit your business goals. 

If you’ve been trying to find the right words to communicate what your brand stands for, having a hard time maintaining consistent communication with clients or you simply want to improve your marketing strategy, stick around! Let’s Get It Write

Get Your Business Out There

Do you know what you want to share with your audience but you just aren’t sure how to say it? No problem! We can get it write together. We’ll work on finding YOUR brand voice and create a strategy that uses your story to get your business out there. All while crafting messages that appeal to your target.

Find YOUR People

Are you tired of attracting the wrong people? You know – the ones who argue your prices, don’t really have an interest in your offer, or just never get past your homepage? Been there. When you improve your communication you stop sending mixed messages and start attracting your dream clients. Let me help you improve your strategy!

Ready to Get Clarity on Your Marketing Strategy?

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