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You Need a Client-Attracting Message – Here’s Why

    Why do you create content? Why do you share the messages you do? I’m sure it’s not to hear crickets coming in from the abyss of the internet or to get a few likes, is it? No – you’re putting your messages out there to find your people.

    The ones who relate to what you’re saying. The ones who see a bit of themselves in you. The ones who want to work with you because they know the value you offer. 

    But you can’t connect with these people using any old approach or recycled content from other creators. You won’t be able to reach the right people if you’re saying exactly what everyone else is saying, doing what they’re doing, and not infusing your personality into what you share. 

    Let me tell you a story about Liz Anelly. 

    Meet Liz

    Liz was a family coach who helped her clients create new routines after welcoming a new child into their home. She knew her services were needed and that she had something special to offer but she had trouble attracting clients. You see, when Liz was a new mom, she struggled a lot. She and her partner didn’t feel like they knew what they were doing, they were snapping at each other all the time, chores were going ignored, and they weren’t getting adequate sleep. It was chaos. 

    Until she found a mom group and through their support she was able to start creating new routines that worked with the changes they’d gone through. Liz was able to apply the skills she had learned as a corporate project manager and the information she learned from all the parenting books she’d read. Eventually, she started sharing these tips with other moms and realized that she could do some good for them too. 

    When maternity leave ended, she submitted her resignation and decided to pursue family coaching full-time. She got a mentor, worked with them through some of her mindset challenges, and started to market her services. Despite her efforts and how much money she put into marketing, she kept attracting the wrong people. 

    Some thought she was a nanny, others thought she was a family therapist and for the most part, no one interacted with her message or joined her list. Even though she kept putting out freebies. After months of facing this, Liz was feeling defeated and ready to give up.

    Until she spoke to her mentor, Ella. She pointed out that Liz’s marketing messages felt stiff and generic – nothing like Liz sounded. This cookie-cutter tone was making it hard for anyone to connect with Liz. What she was missing was a client-attracting message. 

    A client-attracting message is a specific message that is designed to appeal to your audience. When used correctly, it allows your ideal audience to feel seen and heard by you. This can help to convert them into happy clients who enjoy working with you and happily pay your premium rates.

    Taking her mentor’s advice, Liz created a client-attracting message. She called it ‘The Connections that Bind Us.’ Instead of generic content about why routines are important, she talked about how to overcome the struggles of adjusting to a new normal by focusing on the things that connect a family. Then she worked on a solution – creating new routines. 

    This message resonated with her audience, in part because she shared her own story. Her vulnerability added more personality to what she had to say which made her more relatable. 

    Before she knew it, Liz started to get more engagement with her content, more leads joining her list and eventually, she began to get the types of clients she’d always wanted to work with. Even better, her new clients started referring her to even more clients. Which meant that her income continued to increase without her doing extra marketing tasks.

    Liz was able to go from crickets and frustration to having clients and a strong following of her perfect audience. And she was able to do this because she found her story and used it to create her client-attracting message. 

    If you’ve been hesitating to do the same, let’s look at some ways it can positively impact your business. 

    You’ll Find Your Perfect Clients

    Does this feel familiar? You check your email and messages to find that no potential clients are reaching out to you. You don’t have any discovery calls booked and you just can’t seem to find any traction in your coaching business. 

    You’re constantly trying to chase clients with different marketing techniques like Facebook Ads or Instagram Stories. You’re tired and worn out, but you can’t seem to stop the hamster wheel of marketing that you’re on.

    With a client-attracting message, you don’t have to spend all of your time marketing or trying the latest marketing trend that promises you high-conversion rates. Instead, you get to focus on creating content that truly helps your audience and that you can feel good about sharing

    Sounds like a dream, right? But it’s possible. With the right message shared with the right audience and through the right channels (lots to get right here!), you can stop chasing clients. The content you produce will pull them in. 

    Attract People You Love

    Another advantage of having a client-attracting message is that you can begin to attract clients you love and genuinely want to work with. Many coaches have an ideal client that they love serving and nurturing. The issue is that when you aren’t getting good leads, it’s tempting to take on anyone who comes your way, just to feel validated. 

    The result is that you end up working with people who aren’t a good fit. You’re unhappy, the client is unhappy, and no real change is happening. Now you’re frustrated and doubting yourself – basically back at square one. 

    But when you have the right message, you can tweak it to appeal to your ideal audience. When Liz first created her message about routines as parents, she wasn’t sure who she was targeting. 

    Over time she realized that she loved working with first-time parents best of all. She quickly adjusted the language in her message to appeal to this audience. Now she was not only sharing a message that she was deeply passionate about, but she was also helping transform the lives of clients she truly cared for.

    It’s important to understand that who you love serving will impact how and where you deliver your client-attracting message. If you’re a health coach, you’ll use certain words in your message if your audience is millennial athletic women who want to tailor their diet to their lifestyles. But if you decide your audience is middle-aged men who are changing their diet to address specific health issues, then the tone and wording you use in your message will be entirely different.

    Create Premium Offers at Premium Prices

    Yes – the big P. We might not have considered just how much of an impact our messages have on how we set our prices. When you have a message that targets the right people, you can position yourself as a premium service provider in your industry.

    This means that you’ll be able to charge premium rates and find clients who will happily pay it. That’s because a good client-attracting message addresses a pain point for your audience. One that is so uncomfortable and urgent that your potential clients are eager for a solution.

    Bear in mind that what’s considered ‘premium pricing’ will differ depending on your audience. You might find it easier to charge more if your audience is primarily made of childless married women with dual incomes than if your audience is broke single moms. The first group may not even blink at a $497 coaching program, but the second might only be willing to pay $97 for access to you. 

    This doesn’t mean that one audience is better or worse than the other. It simply means that what they view as ‘premium’ is different. This is another reason you must know who your audience is so you can tailor your messages, services, and prices to suit them. 

    Create Programs that Captivate Your Clients

    If you’ve never created a program before, that’s perfectly ok. It’s great that you’re reading this now so you can avoid making these mistakes. Or maybe you already have a program or two under your belt. You’ve offered the program before but found it wasn’t what your clients wanted or needed. Now you’re stuck and wondering how to move forward. Wondering if you were the problem. 

    Chances are, it was just your message. Your client-attracting message makes it obvious what program your clients need. Then you can design it to support them as they go forward and reach their goals with your guidance. 

    If you have a client-attracting message about making time for hobbies while working a demanding job, then your program might be about setting boundaries at work or how to do a time audit. You’ll help your audience feel empowered by showing them how setting boundaries and saying no can benefit them. Or you’ll teach them how to understand where their time is being spent, so they can create a more balanced routine. 

    You might even create a client-attracting message and have your clients begin telling you exactly what they need or want. For example, you might help new entrepreneurs with their marketing and have clients ask you for a program that teaches them how to create a marketing strategy and outsource these tasks so they’re free to focus on what matters. That’s a huge win! Now not only do you have an engaged audience, but you also have people anticipating what you have to offer. 

    Pay attention when potential clients start talking about what they need or wish they had. They might just spark your next program idea!

    Give Yourself Credibility and Get Referrals

    Picture this: you’re having trouble with the wiring in your house but here’s the catch – you’re using solar energy. You’ve turned to Google for a quick fix but none of the tips have helped. You reach out to a few friends and get two recommendations – one for a general electrician, and one for someone who helped them with upgrading their home to solar. Which one would you choose?

    I’m guessing you said the second electrician, right? And why wouldn’t you? You want the person who has experience with this specific problem, the person who is a specialist in your needs.

    Just like with electrical work, your potential clients want someone who specializes in a specific area. It’s not enough to be a family coach or a personal trainer or a marketing consultant. You want to be known for doing one thing and doing it well. Maybe you help postpartum parents or you teach new diabetics how to manage their illness while still eating their favorite comfort foods. Maybe you work with start-ups or businesses that have just launched their second branch.

    It’s easy to get referrals when people know what you stand for and deliver to your clients. If you become popular enough in your industry, you can even build a waiting list of potential new clients. How amazing does that sound? This means that every time you’re ready to work with someone new, you can simply put the word out to your waiting list and see who shows up. 

    Your client-attracting message can be a game changer for you. Now if you’ve never created one before then you might struggle with this task. But no worries – I can help. 

    I’ve created a workbook that walks you through the steps of designing your client-attracting message so you can get the clarity you need to start connecting with your perfect audience sooner! 


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